Feeling stuck in a cycle of overdrinking?

Hi, I'm Rina. 

I want to help you transform your relationship with alcohol and step into greater health and happiness - from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Do you..

Struggle with feelings of guilt about your drinking...

Regularly find yourself drinking more than you want to...

Set yourself rules about when and how much to drink but find yourself breaking your rules...

Ask yourself, “Why can't I just have one?"...

Think about alcohol more than you would like to...

Have a feeling alcohol is preventing you from being the person you want to be mentally, physically or spiritually...

If this sounds familiar you are in the right place.

  I've been there..

I was a 'gray area drinker'...

The gray area describes the huge range of drinkers that fall in between the true (and rare) 'take it or leave it' drinker and the physically dependant drinker.   

Many friends would even have described my drinking as 'normal' and was surprised to hear how much I had been struggling to reduce and stop.  When it comes to questioning your drinking it's not about the amount you are drinking, but about how it is impacting your life..

I had a great marriage, two beautiful kids and a successful job, yet I started drinking almost daily as a way of coping with the stress and overwhelm of daily life.  Over time I noticed alcohol's impact on my quality of sleep, energy levels, health, moods and my ability to cope with everyday stresses. 

When I tried to moderate, and found myself 'failing' every day, I became preoccupied by thoughts of 'whether to drink today or not'.    

I tried moderation, willpower, therapy, fasting and prayer but still found myself stuck in a cycle of unwanted drinking.  I started to google local AA meetings, but just couldn't get myself to attend.  I wasn't ready to label myself an 'alcoholic'.  I hadn't hit any scary rock bottoms..

This is a hard place to be, the space between wanting to change but finding yourself unable to.  Stuck.  By grace and after many failed attempts, I found a method that worked for me.  I started to unravel the thoughts and beliefs that were keeping me stuck in an unwanted cycle of drinking.

I no longer desire to drink.  I don't even think about drinking!  Something I thought would never be possible.  Complete freedom.  

Today I live life joyfully alcohol free, and love to help others do the same.  

You dont need to to stay stuck in a painful 'stop and start' cycle to change your relationship with alcohol...
You don't need to wait for 'rock bottom'...

Start Your Path To Freedom Today!

As a certified This Naked Mind Alcohol Coach, I use the same compassion-led model that helped me gain freedom.

  • A modern alternative to traditional 12 step methods, which integrates the latest research and science on alcohol and behavior change, and gently leads you to achieve your goals in an environment free from labels, judgement and shame.   
  • I meet you exactly where you are at..  Whether you are still drinking and need a new approach to quit or cut back, or if you have already stopped drinking but still find yourself MISSING alcohol.  
  • Feel empowered with knowledge and tools to change your BELIEFS about alcohol.
  • Retrain your brain so you no longer DESIRE a drink and experience true lasting change without solely relying on willpower.
  • Enjoy complete CONFIDENTIALITY and access all you need to achieve your goals from the privacy and comfort of your own home.
Imagine your life when alcohol is not taking up space in your mind, heart, or thoughts. What will be possible?


A life where you love mornings.

You feel healthier, more energized and present for your loved ones.

Your relationships are thriving because you are bringing your best self to those you love most. 

You actually feel relaxed after a weekend or a holiday and you can effortlessly unwind without pouring a toxic substance into your body.  

Your mind is clear and you have the drive and energy to pursue the career of your dreams or whatever gives you purpose and joy.

You are joyfully living in line with your values and beliefs.

It's possible..

  • Tailored 6-12 Week programs.
  • Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions - all online via zoom or phone.
  • Material to educate you on alcohol.
  • Worksheets and reflections.
  • Personalized strategies and tactics to help you navigate cravings and triggers.
  • Accountability check-ins.
  • Access to me in-betweenĀ sessions to keep you motivated and on track.Ā 
  • Roadmap to set you up for long term success.
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Note, coaching services are not to be construed as, or a replacement for, psychotherapy, legal, financial or medical advice.   Anyone quitting alcohol should be in regular contact with their primary medical care provider.